Simply the Best Eats, Drinks and Fun Under One Roof!

Coming in 2022, a gathering of Culinary Brilliance, Classic Cocktails and Fun.  Why compromise when you have the option of satisfying every taste and thirst from indulgent to healthy!  Follow our progress as we introduce City Eats Food Hall.  Bon Appétit central Texas – this is going to be tasty.

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Think of a food trailer courtyard, but indoors. A variety of vendors selling chef inspired lunch and dinner all under one roof. Each food hall is unique and may often have local flavors and flare from their region. The food is fresh, the menus are typically uncomplicated, but unique. Everyone in your party will have a choice of what they would like to eat from the various vendors.

Food Halls are often found in medium to large downtown cities and serve a downtown business community for lunch and a more general clientele for dinner. A food hall allows more flexibility for local chefs and restaurateurs to try new food and menu concepts while keeping the customer excited with their fresh ideas. The cost to start up a food hall is relatively inexpensive in comparison to full brick and mortar concepts plus having a variety of vendors helps attract a variety of clients under one roof. Vendor contracts (leases) are usually short term 24 month contracts. Overhead expenses such as utilities, entertainment, bussers, marketing etc. are shared between the vendors.

How Do I Become a Vendor?

The City Eat’s Team is excited to announce we are now accepting chef/vendor food concepts as we begin curating Central Texas’s newest culinary experience! Our goal is to introduce the best mix of talented restaurateurs and chefs to create a fun and tasty food journey of inspiring food, fabulous drinks and amazing dessert offerings to elevate the senses and showcase this experience all under one roof. 

Our spaces are limited to twelve savory and sweet food vendors. 

So come express your creativity and food passion at City Eats Food Hall and lets create an exciting food adventure together! 

I’d Like to Be a Vendor!